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At a concert in Blagoveshchensk Igor Nikolaev played music from a Hollywood film.

At the concert of Igor Nikolaev in Blagoveshchensk "One hope of love" a well-known singer and composer sat down to the piano and began to play some divine melody.

And at this time the audience was showed footage from the film. Then it’s turned out that Nikolaev is the author of the soundtrack to the film "Say it in Russian" directed by Jeff Celentano. Igor sings not only the "Old mill". He wrote the music to the Hollywood film...

“The plot of the film is not an imaginary, but it’s a real story”, said Igor Nikolayev during the concert in the town of Blagoveshchensk. It’s about kidnapping of the daughter of the Russian mafia member (played by Serbian actor Rade Sherbedjya). The Godfather was killed at his own wedding. The role of the abducted daughter plays a Russian actress Agatha Gotova.

The second qualifying round of the show "Factor A"

The seventh of  February was the first day of the second tour of the new season of the "Factor A" . The shooting took place in the pavilion on the Lisa Chaiykina street.
From the 12 a.m. untill the evening the jury selected the participants from  64 contestants,  who are lucky to work under the leadership of Igor Nikolaev in the framework of the project . Besides Igor future artists were evaluated by the chairman of the jury  Alla Pugacheva.


Igor Nikolaev became a member of the jury of the "Factor-A"
The new season of the program "Factor A", the main musical contest of the country, started on February.

The members of the jury of the project became known the other day.

The Chairman of the jury:
Alla Borisovna Pugacheva

The Jury:
Lolita Milyavskaya (singer, tv presenter),
Igor Nikolaev (pop singer, poet and composer),
Roman Yemelyanov (tv and radio presenter)

"Factor A"
- Russian version of the british project, "X Factor" - musical talent show, the main purpose of which is to search for and development of the vocal talent of the contestants. All the participants are selected through public auditions

The detailed information about competition (rules of participation, the schedule of castings, etc.) is contained on the Alla Pugacheva-s official website.

Theres official opening of Igor Nikolayevs channel on YouTube

The official channel on YouTube, devoted to the creative work of Igor Nikolayev, has been opened. We invite all fans to watch music videos, live  recordings, performances on TV and other video materials. Here also will be available to listen to Igor Nikolayev’s music. We invite you to subscribe to be informed of updates. We’re looking forward to your comments and feedback!

Premiere of the song in the New Year!

Igor Nikolaev & Yuliya Proskuryakova performed a brand new song on 13 December in the Mosfilm studio on the set of the show "Blue light”.

See the premiere of the duo at the New Year’s night on the TV channel "Russia" in the TV show "Blue light"!




“Olympic waltz”, written by Igor Nikolaev and Igor Krutoy, sounded at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games 2014!

Yulia Proskuryakova is the main character of the film “Provincial Muse”  

Igor Nikolaev wrote music for Hollywood motion picture 

First night of Say it in Russian movie at Monaco film festival

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