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Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova are at New Wave 2014

On 25 July Igor Nikolaev performed with a legendary song «Tell us, Birds» within the frame of Alla Pugacheva’s evening. The song was written for the Prima donna more than 30 years ago.

Yulia Proskuryakova wearing a gorgeous red dress gave a new life to another song from Alla Pugacheva’s repertoire called "Queen".
- I’d like to thank Alla Borisovna for the opportunity to sing this beautiful song!- Yulia said after the performance. – By the way, the music is by Alla Pugacheva and the lyrics – by Igor Nikolaev – the singer shared with the audience.

That evening two more songs written by Igor Nikolaev sounded on the stage  of Jurmala Dzintaru – “Forgive, believe” was performed by Igor Krutoy and “Autumn kiss” was sung by Alsu (Alla Pugacheva and Igor Nikolaev wrote the music for “Autumn kiss” together, the lyrics is by Igor Nikolaev).

On 26 July on the premiere day at “New Wave 2014” Igor Nikolaev sang his new song “Life line” for the first time. The song is a soundtrack for a series called “Queen of the game” that is going to be released in Russia soon.


Igor Nikolaev wrote a new song "Life line"
Igor Nikolaev wrote and sang a song "Life line" for the premiere of a new film series "Queen of the game". The tune is based on the through line of the series the music is written for. A music video for the song "Life line" is filmed by the series'  production team and nowadays it is being prepared for the release.
The premiere of the song "Life line" is taking place on 26 July  - on the day of premieres at the contest "New wave 2014".

Igor Nikolaev and Igor Krutoy wrote a new song for Emin
On June 21 singer Emin (Emin Agalarov) performed with a new  song "Frankly", the lyrics is by Igor Nikolaev and the music is by Igor Krutoy. The event took place within the opening of the beach season in the hotel resort Sea Breeze (Azerbaijan, Baku).
An official premiere is taking place at the musical contest "New wave 2014" in July

Igor Nikolaev in a documentary about Toto Cutugno

Igor Nikolaev took place in a shooting of the documentary about life and creative works of a legendary singer and composer Toto Cutugno.
Igor Nikolaev and Toto Cutugno performed a duet twice: with the song "L'italiano" at the concert "San-Remo gets friends together" in the Kremlin Palace in 2004 and in the evening with Toto Cutugno "The benefit night between friends"  in 2007.
The film will go on the air in autumn, the date and time are being clarified.

Igor Nikolaev got MUZ-TV award 2014 For contribution to the development of music industry

On June 6 the 12th annual national music awarding ceremony “MUZ-TV award 2014. Evolution” took place in Sports Complex “Olympic”.

Igor Nikolaev got a special prize  - “For contribution to the development of music industry”.  The singer and composer was handed with the cherished silver plate by his old friend and co-author – composer Igor Krutoy who said the following words about Igor Nikolaev:

- This nomination is very important, no doubt that the winner should be a person who has notably contributed to music industry. That’s this very man who didn’t  just wrote songs he wrote entire programs – for Alla Pugacheva, for Irina Allegrova, for Natasha Koroleva, for many other singers. It’s a great privilege for me that being a composer he wrote lyrics to my music. Together we created a final song for Olympic Games in Sochi that is called “Farewell to Sochi!”. Besides all these facts Igor Nikolaev is my friend.

On having got the award Igor Nikolaev appealed to the meeting:

- I would like to say hello to all your grannies and grandpas who remember the first runs of my first songs and to your mothers and fathers who were growing up listening to those songs. I have composed songs and I’ll go on composing songs only for you to bring happiness to your beloved and share your warmth with them. Thank you, MUZ-TV, thank you, Igor Krutoy – my friend, thanks everyone!

That night Igor Nikolaev went up to the stage twice: for the second time he went up with the actress Anastasia Makeeva to hand the prize “The best singer” to Dima Bilan and congratulate him on the victory.

Igor Krutoy & Igor Nikolaev Igor Nikolaev & Yulia Proskuryakova Yulia Proskuryakova, Igor Nikolaev, Mark Dacascos with friends



“Olympic waltz”, written by Igor Nikolaev and Igor Krutoy, sounded at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games 2014!

Yulia Proskuryakova is the main character of the film “Provincial Muse”  

Igor Nikolaev wrote music for Hollywood motion picture 

First night of Say it in Russian movie at Monaco film festival

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