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Igor Nikolaev published a book I love you to tears

Publishing house EXMO produced Igor Nikolaev's debut book - a collection of song lyrics "I love you to tears". The author dedicated his literary work to his mother - Svetlana Nikolaeva, and memory of his father Yuri Nikolaev who was a poet. The publication is coincided with Yuri Nikolaev's 80th birthday.


The book includes more than 200 maestro's lyrics, most of them made many hits popular and were performed by the brightest stars of Russian stage.


- On looking through the collection of lyrics and bringing myself to the publication I pictured a kind of a game with you, readers-listeners, when after you've read a lyric the "play" button is pushed somewhere inside of you and you hear the voice of that very singer in that very arranegement, and you are translated to THAT time and THOSE circumstances of your life when the song affected you ... - the author writes.


The collection of poems “I love you to tears” is perfectly illustrated, it includes rare pictures that show the poet with his friends and colleagues and also some pictures from the family archive.

Igor Nikolaev has a surprise in store for his readers: he supplemented the edition with his poems.


- My friends always ask me to recite my poems at our parties and every time - a well-turned compliment – “When will you publish them at last?”

- I don't know, maybe one day I'll find the courage and publish a collection of poems, for now a small selection is a benefit, - the poet tells.


One can buy the book in Moscow book-stores. It will be available in other cities and towns soon.


In the end of July Igor Nikolaev is going to go to Sakhalin and hand a part of edition to Holmsk Central Library named after Yuri Nikolaev. In this library, in Yuri Nikolaev’s study-museum, the author will hold the presentation of his book “I love you to tears”.



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