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At a concert in Blagoveshchensk Igor Nikolaev played music from a Hollywood film.

At the concert of Igor Nikolaev in Blagoveshchensk "One hope of love" a well-known singer and composer sat down to the piano and began to play some divine melody.

And at this time the audience was showed footage from the film. Then it’s turned out that Nikolaev is the author of the soundtrack to the film "Say it in Russian" directed by Jeff Celentano. Igor sings not only the "Old mill". He wrote the music to the Hollywood film...

“The plot of the film is not an imaginary, but it’s a real story”, said Igor Nikolayev during the concert in the town of Blagoveshchensk. It’s about kidnapping of the daughter of the Russian mafia member (played by Serbian actor Rade Sherbedjya). The Godfather was killed at his own wedding. The role of the abducted daughter plays a Russian actress Agatha Gotova.


Casually, Igor Nikolaev said that a Hollywood producer and screenwriter of the movie "Say it in Russian" Kenneth Edh sits in the Blagoveshchensk’s hall of the socio-cultural center.
Another big surprise was the occasion in which an American was in Russia, namely - in the capital of the Amur region.

"The fact is that the Ken’s wife – is a girl Valya from Blagoveshchensk.


Igor Nikolaev, Valentina Eade, Kenneth Eade Yulia Proskuryakova

Love story

Journalists from "The City on the Amur" found out the details of the love story of this couple. 

Kenneth Edh – is a representative of the American show-business, he operates an independent cinema corporation in Hollywood, produced twelve films (including "All I need", 2005, and now he’s working on the film "The Dead earth"). 

In addition, he was a director and producer of the TV show in America "The Faces and names" (1999) and "Autograph" (2002-2005).

Valentine and Ken met in 2009 in Blagoveshchensk. At that time she graduated from the philological faculty of the University, when studied English and German languages, and came to work in the gold mining company. The young translator just got a job and made the first steps in the profession.

And Ken worked with her in the office... He hired an investment advisor in the same firm at that time.

About the film

It is worth to say that the melodrama "Say it in Russian" was filmed in 2007 in the three countries: the USA, France and Russia. Premiere was held at the international film festival "Angel Film Awards” in Monaco in English. You can see the film at the end of this year in the Russian language.

"Say it in Russian" has won more than a dozen awards at various world festivals. Including in San Diego, where it received awards in several categories and it’s become the best film of the festival. And the musical accompaniment of the picture was awarded with the palm.

Igor Nikolaev with actors of a film "Say it in Russian"


This is that Igor Nikolayev says about the film:

- To write music for the film was a long-standing dream of mine. And it was filled absolutely by chance. The record has been going in America, and the symphony orchestra was in Belgrade at that time. We got signal on the internet. The Conductor there and we are here! And there was a difference in time huge - nine hours. I have never seen such technology, and Hollywood, probably; no one will be able to catch up with it.

As for the film, apparently, the composer liked to work in such unusual format. 

"This is the kind of movie, in which I would like to work: love story with elements of action, thriller, all together. The project brought much more creative satisfaction, more than one new song. I’d like to make some changes in routine life, which is called "the everyday life of Russian show-business".

Natalia Paley

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